Piano or Guitar? Which is Easier For You to Learn?

what is easy to learn piano or guitar

Which is easier to learn the piano or guitar? This is a very common question that people want to know if they are looking to learn any of the instruments from these two. The answer to this question will help you to decide between the two instruments, which instrument you should learn or learn first. The good thing about this is that both the instruments are great and you should learn to play both of these instruments. But the answer to that question is, in my opinion, the piano is easier to learn and play than a guitar. So, if you are looking to learn both of these instruments you should start with piano first and then learn guitar.

In this article, I will also share with you an easy way to learn piano that to from the comfort of your home. Now let’s see why the piano is easier to learn than a guitar.

Why Piano is Easier to Learn

The piano is easier to learn because of its keys and their pattern. It doesn’t have strings like a guitar which are not easy to learn and play different sound combinations. In a piano, you have white and black keys in front of you and each key has a different sound. The next thing is to play the keys together in a combination with different keys to make a different sound. This is the reason why learning piano chords is easy.

piano is easy to learn than guitar

Especially for an adult, playing piano keys is a lot easy than playing guitar strings. If you play with piano (even if you don’t know anything about it) for a couple of days, without any help or guidance you will be able to play some basic tunes. Some of them are Happy Birthday and Twinkle Twinkle. These are very easy to play on the piano.

Piano Learning Resources Have Made Piano Learning a Lot Easy

There are some very good piano learning courses/programs (Remember, I told you I will also share with you an easy way to learn piano and that too from the comfort of your home) and the good thing is that these are online. You can get the program and download it on your phone, computer, or tablet. Place your gadget on your piano and start learning. Yes, it is that easy. There might be good guitar learning resources too but you need to check out this easy to follow piano learning program for beginners. This program has more than two hundred thousand students and the number is growing every day.

Some Very Easy to Learn Music on Piano

With that being said, there are many easy to learn music on the piano. Just like I mentioned above two of the easy songs to play on the piano, here is the List of complete beginner easy songs on piano. Try to learn these songs first on your piano. This will greatly build your confidence. Then you can move on to learn harder songs.

This is if you want to learn piano yourself and without any resources or help. The reason why resources as I mentioned above, are very helpful is that they are structured very well and so you don’t have to think that which song to learn first, etc. The program completely guides you on what to do and how to learn the piano in an effective way.


In this article, I have told you why learning piano is easier than learning guitar. You should learn both the instrument but in my opinion, you should start with the piano first. Things mentioned above make piano learning a lot easy than it was before. It is just that you have to give some time regularly and you will be able to play songs on your piano that you love. Finally, you can comment below and tell which instrument are you learning and how is the learning experience so far.

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  1. This is a wonderfully informative and well written article. Thank you for all the great info. I myself, personally used this website to really help me get started with playing the piano

  2. One of the reasons why piano is easier than any other instrument stems from the fact that the piano has a separate setup for each note that’s designed precisely and only for the playing of that note. Also, since the piano can sound many notes simultaneously, it can play music with rich harmony. Because of this, there are many beautiful pieces that a pianist can play without accompaniment.


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