What is the Best Age to Learn Piano?

what is the best age to learn piano

Normally this question is asked by people who have crossed their 30s and 40s and are thinking about learning piano at their current age. They actually want to know how hard it will be to learn the piano for them at their age. The good thing about this is, you should be happy that you are willing to learn a new skill/instrument even at this age.

So, coming to the question that what is the best age to learn piano? Well, I have seen people in their 50s and 60s who successfully learned piano. This is because of their commitment and a strong belief that they want to learn the piano.

You can learn piano at any age as it is not very hard especially with the help of learning resources available these days, (check this piano course which has more than 200,000 students form almost every age group) you can master piano in weeks. It all comes back to how committed you are in learning the instrument.

If you are interested in learning fast, you need to get a new beginners keyboard first. Keep that in a room in which you feel comfortable so that you don’t have to move it every now and then. Devote some time every day for practicing piano. Start with easy to play songs that you can easily learn in a few days.

Hands and Fingers Exercises for Playing Piano

You can also watch piano shows on tv or online as this will help you to see how pianist play piano and what are the techniques, like how hard they press the keys, type of piano they use, etc.

As you get older, your reflexes become weak so you also need to do different hands and fingers exercises to bring back the flexibility because to play piano, your hands and fingers should be able to move freely and should be flexible. Here are some hand and finger exercises for playing the piano.

It is always good to record whatever you play in the learning phase so that you can know your progress and by listening to the recordings you will know how are you doing at it. Like how is your improvement or if more effort is required by you to overcome things.

Don’t give up even you are stuck up at any stage or you find it very difficult to learn. Just stay focused and be persistent in your effort. If others can learn piano, you can surely also do. It is just about time.


You can learn piano at any age at 13 or even if you are in your late 50s. You need to make up your mind and follow a piano program like the one I shared with you above. The good thing about these programs is that they start from very basics and will take you to intermediate level slowly. Moreover, you can always write to them whenever you don’t understand anything, need help or are stuck at any point. Enjoy the journey as it will be great fun and also a great learning experience.

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  1. It’s never too late to learn, especially if you are willing and focused. Piano can be hard at times on beginners but trust me it’s worth it!


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