5 Tricks to Learn Piano Faster

In this article, I will tell you 5 tips and tricks with the help of which you can learn the piano faster. If you follow these tricks, your learning can become much smoother, structured and with each session, you will see progress. So, without wasting, any time let’s jump on to these tricks.

5 tricks of learning piano faster

Get Good Piano Lessons

First thing first and this the most important thing. If you don’t do it right, not only you will struggle to learn piano but you will also get demotivated, frustrated, and demoralized. There are many good piano learning resources available online and you can easily get one of them to start learning the piano. Remember, you need the right lessons which are beginner-friendly. You can also Google and find out more. Choose the top three and select one from them. One of the best piano course is Robin Hall Pianoforall. These are well structured, organized, and have 9 ebooks, 200 video lessons, and 500 audio lessons.

Once you do this then it is time to move on to the next step.

Get a Good Keyboard/Piano

It is always good to have your own piano or keyboard. This way you can learn freely. Get any beginner keyboard that is not very expensive. You can easily find out a good budget piano. If you don’t have enough money get a second-hand piano or keyboard. At this time it is not important to get the best model available but find one that is right for you in terms of price and usability. Keep that in your room or a place where you feel comfortable while practicing.

Learn the Major Keys and Chords

If you are able to learn piano keys, their pattern, and chords then half of the work is done. I suggest you in the first couple of days of your learning, only learn different piano chords. Remember them in your mind so that next time whenever you have to play that chord, your hands automatically move in the chord direction. This is just like memorizing different keys of a computer keyboard. We have practiced that so much that all the keys pattern is in our mind and whenever we have to press any alphabet key for example “A” our hand and fingers automatically move towards the left side of the keyboard. Once you get to that point then things after that are a lot easier and you have already covered the harder part of learning piano.

Start With Easy to Play Songs

This is also one of the most important tricks. What most people do is they start from songs that are difficult to play on the piano and when they fail to play them they think that learning piano is very hard. Now I know everyone has a list of songs that they love and want to play on the piano. But the thing is you should have some patience and you need to wait for that moment. First, learn some basic songs and then climb up the ladder. This will not only give you confidence but will also motivate you to learn harder songs. Here is the list of easy songs that you can learn initially. So now let’s jump on to the last trick.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

This is one of the easiest points to understand and also is the most important thing whenever you are learning anything. So, this also applies to your piano learning. The more you practice the better you become. Make a practice plan and follow that routine every day. If you want to learn piano fast you will take out some time every day to practice the piano. Also, note down whatever you have learned/covered in that session. This way you will rightly know about your progress, things you have learned, and things to cover in the coming days or in coming sessions.


These were 5 tricks to learn piano faster. From getting the right piano lessons to the last trick which is practice, each trick is important and has its own significance. If you follow these tricks, your piano learning can become easier and faster. Move step by step and don’t jump on to difficult things and try to learn them first. By this, you will get lost and become frustrated in your learning. As a result, you may give up.

2 thoughts on “5 Tricks to Learn Piano Faster”

  1. You made a great point when you explained that you become better at playing the piano the more you practice. My daughter wants to learn how to play, but the piano we have at home is way out of tune. It would probably be a good idea to get it tuned by a professional before she starts learning to play.

  2. Thank you for telling me that I can be really good at playing the piano just by practicing whenever I have time. My uncle left me his old instrument when he went overseas and seeing it in our living room every day encouraged me to learn it. It might be better to look for some places that offer piano tuning services so I can practice immediately.


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