List of Top 5 Piano Lessons for Beginners

Learning piano can get difficult if you don’t follow the right way and proper guidance. This is the list of top 5 piano lessons that can help beginners to learn piano fast and effectively. You might see a wide variety of piano lessons available on the internet but here I will share only those lessons which are popular and are highly rated by their users.

List of Top 5 Piano Lessons for Beginners

1.Robin Hall’s Piano For All

This is a very good piano learning course and has more than 200,000 users already. The creator of this course is Robin Hall who is a piano expert and knows his work quite well. This program is a combination of video lessons, audio lessons, and e-books which are very comprehensive. It is ideal for beginners who are new to this hobby.

The good thing about the program is that entire resources are available on DVDs which will be delivered to your address and you don’t have to download anything. Secondly, if you are not comfortable with DVDs, you have the option to download the entire course on your PC, tablet, or phone. It is compatible with all devices.

With all this, you also get excellent support from Mr. Robin Hall as you can email him anytime if you need any help or you have any questions to ask.

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piano for all - learn to play piano online


2.Playground Sessions

Playground sessions are also very good lessons. They are very highly ranked. You can get different subscriptions of the software and can learn by lessons that are designed by different piano teachers. Learning to play different songs on the piano is also part of the Playground Sessions software.  You can get a lifetime membership of $240 or also can get monthly and yearly membership.

They have a separate program for piano teachers and the course content is especially for them. Moreover, apart from these lessons, you can also buy different keyboard bundles on the site. Lastly, you can also buy different songs of sheet music on the website which can help you to learn different songs to play on the piano. You have to buy them as they are not free.


Flowkey is the third on the list. These lessons are also well-reputed lessons. They have 3 different memberships. Depending on your affordability and course liking you can subscribe for these memberships. These memberships come with monthly, 3 months, and 12 months subscriptions.

With the Flowkey premium membership, you get the dashboard which has interactive learning ways, new songs to learn quite frequently, access to support, recordings of expert pianist which can greatly help your learning, etc.

Moreover, in the premium membership, you also get HD video lessons in the premium bundle. The Flowkey community is growing day by day and that also tells about the course itself.

4.Artist Works

Artist Works is a complete resource guide for all major instruments. You can find lessons on guitar, drums, piano, and other instruments. Each instrument is taught by various different instructors and experts so you get variety and you can select those which suit your learning style. These are very detailed and in-depth learning lessons and it is the reason why you will see good reviews of the course on the site.

Artist Works lessons are expensive as compare to the previous 3 lessons. You can get 3 months membership for $35/month which will be billed together for 3 months and you will have to pay $105. The second option is of 6 months and it is $30/month, you will have to pay $179 total for 6 months. 12 months membership costs $23.25/month and you will have to pay $279 total.

5.Play Piano Today

Play Piano Today is last on the list. This also is a good piano course for beginners but not as detailed and comprehensive as others on the list. The good thing about this course is other than paid material, you can also get free learning resources that can help you in learning piano. If you like the free resources you can then decide whether you should pay for paid lessons or not depending on the quality of free resources.

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