Top 4 Things to Check Before Buying Your First Keyboard/Piano

things to check before buying your first piano

If you want to buy a piano or keyboard then these are 4 things you should check in a piano/keyboard. These things will help you to get the right piano according to your needs as a beginner. So, keep these things in mind before buying your first piano.

These factors also depend upon your current level. If you are a beginner, then these requirements will change and similarly, if you are an expert then you don’t need to check these things before buying as you already know a lot about this instrument.

Size of Your First Piano

This is an important factor to look into before buying your first piano because this can help you later in your piano learning. The size of the piano also depends on the number of keys on it and here I will only discuss keys. The smaller piano has sixty-one keys which are also known as a keyboard and the professional full-size piano has eighty-eight keys including black and white.

If you are a beginner, you can buy a sixty-one keys keyboard to start with as it is relatively cheaper and easy to handle. If you are intermediate and you have already done some practice, you can buy seventy-six keys piano. This was all about the size of the piano. If you want to learn piano online, do check these online piano lessons.


This is the most important factor for everyone. Everyone has a different budget and different spending ability so this varies from person to person. For some, buying their first piano for $500 is not an issue while others might not be able to spend this much. Your first piano should be in the range of $200 – $250. This price range is not too expensive and you can easily get a new beginner piano in this range. Once you learn to play it, you can always upgrade and buy a new one.

Features it Should Have

There should be built-in basic tunes in it so that you can play some beginner songs on it. Should also include different tune patterns and beats. You can read the manual to exactly know the number of tunes it has. Moreover, should also have two stereo speakers and also a slot for external speakers.

Some keyboards also include a slot for the mic. It will be good if it has otherwise, it is not compulsory. These days a USB port is also a must in your piano. It will be good if it also has a stand and the piano has a rechargeable battery included. By this, you can take it anywhere you want and can play you will also not need any power source. You can take it with you on camping etc.

Brand of Your Piano

There are a lot of piano brands but Yamaha and Casio are very popular in the music and instruments industry. They also have some very good beginner piano models. You can check on their site. Here is the link to Yamaha site. They might be a little expensive but the quality is superior.

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