How to Play Piano Chords For Beginners

how to play piano chords for beginners

To play piano, you need to learn different types of chords. Learning piano is a fun activity. It opens the door for creating exciting music through combinations of various keyboard chords. But what are different chords and how to play them?

In this article, we will discuss different chords that will form the basis for beginners to learn piano.

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Let’s get started with the chords:

What Are the Piano Chords?

A chord is a group of three or more complementary notes. It creates a particular effect when we play them simultaneously. In simpler words, by pushing down three or more keys on a piano at a time, a chord is played.

You can play it using either one or two hands.

What is a Triad?

Triad or a three-note chord is a common type of piano chord. It contains one root and two other notes. The root note is combined with the quality of a chord. For Example:

C Major Chord” – It tells that the root note here is C while the quality is major.

F Major Chord” – Here, the root note is F while the quality is major.

Playing Piano Chords

One of the techniques to play the piano is to place fingers and thumb on adjoining white keys and press your fingers and thumb. Learning this technique will help you to play some basic piano chords easily. Let’s discuss some of the common chord qualities.

Major Chords

Major chords are the ones that sound bright, strong, and upbeat. There are twelve major chords on the piano. You can also play several variations of these major chords.

To play a major chord on the piano, choose the root note, count up to two steps and select the third note. From this point, count up one and a half steps to reach the fifth note. By playing these three, you will create a major triad i.e., happy sound. Major chords are found in almost every rock and pop song.

Minor Chords

Minor chords are present in sad and moody music, but it is also popular in pop music. Similar to major chords, 12 minor chords along with their multiple variations also exist.

To play a minor chord, choose a root note, count up three keys towards the right and then again count up four keys. This is known as the 3-4 formula. You can play any minor chord with these three-four formulas by just starting from the root note and continuing the process of counting to create a minor chord.

Augmented Chords

It uses a major third and an augmented fifth. To reach an augmented first, you need to cover an interval of eight half steps( or 4 full steps). Augmented chords are mostly found in more stable sounds within pop and rock music.

Diminished Chords

It uses a minor third and a diminished fifth( sometimes called a lowered fifth). This takes an interval of six half steps( or three whole steps) above the root note. You need to count up one and a half steps from the root note to the third, and then again one and a half steps to reach the fifth from the third.

Diminished chords are not very famous, just like major or minor chords. But you may frequently find them in rock & pop music.

What are Sharp or Flat Piano Notes?

The name of these notes is based on the letter from which they are above or below. The words above mean “towards the right on keyboards” and below means “ to the left side”. The black key immediately after the C on the right side is the c sharp. Just like sharp notes, the key towards the left of B is called b flat.

Now you have some basic knowledge of the piano chords. Apply this practically & expand your knowledge by learning about the piano in our other articles on the blog.

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