Learning To Play Piano as An Adult

learning to play piano as an adult

Is your age holding you back from learning a Piano as an adult? It’s a common belief that the ability to pick up and learn new things is diminished, once you reach adulthood.

In this article, I will tell you about the best piano learning methods for adults and how to learn piano as an adult. This can help you with getting started with learning to play piano as an adult.

How Hard Is It to Learn Piano as An Adult?

Piano learning at an adult age is more like a fun activity that helps you relax and escape from the tough routines of daily life. The research was conducted to prove the effect of piano training on humans, the results proved that piano lessons decrease depression along with improving physical and psychological quality of life for elderly people.

As a beginner, keyboard instruments are more convenient because of their linear pattern of notes. If you want to be a pianist, all you need is a piano and a learning method that is convenient for you. To start this beautiful journey, first, do the following things:

  • Free up your mind from the misconception that age matters for learning piano
  • Choose a learning method
  • Don’t rush. Enjoy the journey & don’t worry about the speed of this learning process

If you are making arbitrary mistakes while playing piano, becoming disheartened at an initial phase is not the right attitude. If you are a new learner, mistakes must happen.  Here, you must adopt a constructive and positive attitude i.e., to identify learning issues/problems and fix them. Staying committed and having patience is the key here.

How to Learn Piano as An Adult?

There are many piano learning ways available both online and offline by which you can start learning how to play the piano. Here are a few suggestions to learn piano, you can choose the option which suits you more.

Use Online Learning Websites/Apps

One of the best ways to learn piano for adults is through online websites, courses, and apps these days. Not only they are convenient but also affordable. Online piano courses like Piano for All is a very good resource to learn piano. This is one of the best online piano lessons that are step-by-step and adult beginner-friendly.

It has 9 interactive eBooks with 200 video lessons and 500 audio lessons. Do check the review of piano for all here.

Few other websites/apps that help learn to play piano online for adults include Yousician, Flowkey, etc. There are different Facebook platforms such as pages and groups for Piano learning where you post or send your queries to get help.

Search for a Great Piano Teacher in Your Vicinity to Take Physical Sessions

Some people find it difficult to learn piano from online resources, so choosing a piano teacher is in fact a more attractive and feasible option for them. Though it can be an expensive option, see if you can afford it. Also, if you have learned the basics of piano, and you want to further polish your piano skills you can choose a Piano teacher.

Having a Piano Teacher next to you is an easy way to learn piano as an adult.  A teacher can quickly know what your weak area is and guides you to correct it immediately through the right steps. This method of learning piano will not only increase your success chances but will also help you build a practice routine.

Use a Free Resource Such as Youtube Videos to Learn Piano Tactics From Renowned Professionals

Lots of YouTube videos are available on the internet that allows you to pursue your piano passion without spending money. Conduct your piano sessions by taking guidelines from such online courses. As they are free, they may not be step-by-step and systematic. You may feel lost at times as you will require help and can get frustrated at times.

Join a Music School

If you are passionate about learning piano and do have enough time, then joining the music school is the right choice for you. Regular classes at a music school will keep you motivated and boost your success chances.

Now the question arises as a beginner, which piano is good for you?

How and Which Piano Option to Choose?

Choosing the right piano for yourself is an important decision. It is not important to choose an expensive piano and get started on it. Here are a few things to keep in while making this decision.

Either to choose a digital or acoustic or digital piano?

Well, it depends on several factors such as:

  • Space at your home
  • Sound quality
  • Brand
  • & last but not the least, PRICE of Piano.

Decide which piano to select, based on the above-described factors. Here is also a list of beginner pianos that you can also consider.

Final Thoughts

You can learn piano at any age it is just that you should be committed and stay focused on your learning. Next is to choose the piano learning method that is convenient for you. I have shared above some ways to learn piano as an adult beginner. Don’t rush and give enough time to your practice. Lastly, enjoy your piano learning journey and this beautiful instrument.

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