How To Learn to Play Piano at Home

how to learn to play piano at home

Learning something new is always fun, but learning to play the piano can be difficult sometimes as it needs commitment and patience. However, you can master this art by practicing. Practice is the only way you can learn this wonderful instrument by yourself in the comfort of your home. You may think about how to learn piano at home yourself.

There are a few ways with the help of which you can do this like with the help of online piano courses and lessons available on the internet, you can learn it on your own. Do check out one of the piano for all best online piano courses. Before you begin learning at home, you should familiarize yourself with the following things and steps if you are looking to learn piano at home.

Get a Piano or a Keyboard First

If you are planning to learn to play the piano at home, then you need to get a piano first. Instruments like piano or guitar are usually expensive, but if you are passionate and eager to learn how to play piano at home, then it won’t be a hassle for you to arrange one. At this stage, you don’t need a brand new one. A good second-hand instrument will also do the job for you as it is a much more affordable option for beginners. Once you learn it, you can get a new one.

Learn Basics Of Piano

So, when you arrange a piano you need to get yourself familiar with the instrument. For that, learn about your instrument completely, then learn about the keys and their names. Learning about keys will be beneficial throughout your journey while learning piano at home. Play with the keys and memorize the sounds. The more you do it, the faster you will learn.

Learn About Chords

Understanding music can be strenuous but you can always learn about the basic music chords. In music, there are major and minor chords. Major chords use the root key, as well as the third and fifth keys. Minor chords employ the root, flat third, and fifth keys. If you still do not understand, you can learn piano at home online by watching short tutorials or by taking step-by-step beginner online piano lessons or courses like Piano for All. This is also one of the best ways to learn piano at home.

Get To Know About Sharps and Flats

Music is a kind of language that not everyone can understand. But just like other languages, you can learn it. When you get to know the basics of piano playing, you just need to get yourself familiarized with sharps and flats. Sharp is used to raise the note while the flat is used to lower the note. They will help you play piano more finely.

Understanding of Music

Playing the piano is just a matter of practice. It is not like playing random keys and getting started with it. You have to be familiar with the notes, music, and keys. Identify the music pattern in the songs and then try to play piano accordingly. See how music can also improve language skills.

Understanding of Patterns

Each song has its melody. While learning piano, you need to first understand the patterns in the music. Listening to a song over and over again will help you understand the pattern. And for that, keen observation, understanding, and listening are needed.


Practice, practice, and practice. It will help you fix your hands and fingers on the keyboard. Practice with keys as much as you can, because this way, you will get a grip on the positioning. You can devote some time every day to your piano practice. It can vary from half an hour to a couple of hours every day whatever suits you.


Learning piano at home can be a fun task depending on how much you enjoy playing it. The things mentioned above can help you get started with learning to play piano at home. The number of piano learning resources available these days has made piano learning easy these days even for adult beginners. Do also check the piano course mentioned above. Even if you make mistakes at first don’t get frustrated or disheartened. Stay focused and try to overcome them with regular practice.

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