How to Teach Yourself Piano : Learn Piano By Yourself

how to teach yourself piano

We all love piano and want to learn this beautiful instrument but are looking at ways by which we can learn it. Most of us want to learn and teach piano themselves on our own because we can’t pay for expensive classes or it is not convenient for us to go to a piano learning school. I will share with you some ways by which you can teach yourself piano and learn from the comfort of your home.

Learn With the Help of Books

You can teach yourself piano by reading books. One of the best ways of learning is by a book. You can find many good bookspiano learning book which will teach you about the piano and after learning some basic tunes you can practice them on your piano and then move to the next level. If you are a student, you can go to your school or college library and find good books about teaching the piano.

On the other hand, you can also go to a good book store and buy piano guides from there. This will surely help you to learn the piano or keyboard by yourself. You can place the book right on the piano wherever you feel comfortable and play tunes in small patterns according to the chords and scales in the book. The greater you practice, the more grip you will have on piano chords.

Watch Tutorials of Piano

Moreover, you can also watch tutorials. For that you actually have to first find good ones as every tutorial present on the internet is not up to the mark. Many of them can confuse you more instead of teaching you in the right manner step by step. You have to get to those which are perfect for your current level i.e. if you are a beginner, you should find good beginner’s tutorials which start from very basic of the piano. It may also take you some time to find out the right ones which you yourself think are helpful for you and you are progressing and improving continuously with time.

If you like some pianists you can watch their videos and try to follow them. It is easy to learn from people you admire or like. So you can observe them while playing the piano and try to do and repeat the same. If it is someone in your locality, you can also go to them for some tips. This will definitely help you a lot and will increase your skill level.

One thing which will make you better and better is practice. The more you practice, the more time you will gain more confidence and master piano. If you want a step-by-step piano program that teaches you about learning to play piano a very comprehensive and detailed in-depth program for beginners then, I suggest you check out this.

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Follow Piano Blogs and Websites

There are some very good piano learning websites and blogs. You can follow them as they regularly post pretty good content regarding this hobby. Here is a list of Top 40 piano blogs. You will find a list of all good piano blogs which have very good information regarding playing the piano. This can also help you in your piano learning if you are a beginner.


You can teach yourself piano with the help of books as there are some very good books available for piano and keyboard learning. With the help of these books, you can start to play some basic tunes and then try to make combinations of tunes and go to the next step. Moreover, you can also teach yourself with the help of tutorials but you need to find some good ones first. Also, check the review of the piano program in the above link.

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