How Much Are Piano Lessons? What Options You Have

how much are piano lessons

If you are looking to learn the piano, then you might be thinking about how much are piano lessons and which piano lessons will be good for you. Well, in this article I will share with you cost of piano lessons, what are the factors that determine piano lessons cost and their types. First, you should make your mind that if you want to learn piano online i.e. from the comfort of your home or you are willing to go out to learn and you don’t have any problem with that.

Here, I will share with you both the options and then you can decide which option suits you. I will tell you the average price of lessons. For more information on piano learning, check

How Much Are Online Piano Lessons

There are some very good lessons online and they are equally good as others. The cost of these ranges from $20 – $45 and more. It depends on the type of lessons you choose. Moreover, these piano lessons are designed like a full course which starts from basics and takes you to the expert level. The good thing about these lessons is,

  • You get full piano learning gear (a combination of different piano lessons)
  • You can download them on your phone or computer
  • You also get online support of the piano instructor

These are ideal for you if you can’t go out of your house to learn piano and are willing to learn the piano from the comfort of your home. One good online piano course is Piano For All. Check the complete review of PianoForAll here.

How Much Does Offline Lessons Cost and What Are the Factors

If you are comfortable in going out of your house to learn the piano then you might consider piano lessons around your locality. The average estimated cost of limited-time classes is $40-$50. Now, there are a number of factors that determine the price of these. I will share with you some of the main factors here.

Profile of Piano Teacher

This applies to every teacher and we all know that. If the piano teacher is quite experienced and has a good reputation then, that teacher will charge you more. Think like this, if you go to a good school the fee of that school is higher than the one which is not known to be that good. This is because of teachers they have in their school, quality of education they provide to their students and people trust them. Profile of piano instructor also matters and also his or her teaching style.

Where Do You Live

bigger cities expensive piano lessons

Bigger cities are expensive. So, if you also live in a big city then you will have to pay more for your piano lessons than if you were in a smaller city. The good thing is that in bigger cities, the quality of teaching that you get is good because there is competition and you get more options. If you find good piano lessons in your locality, you can definitely go for that. Otherwise, you can consider learning online.


The information I have shared with you will help you to decide which piano lessons are suitable for you. These days it is very easy to learn instruments online. You can check the course review I shared above in the article. For better and fast learning just stay focused and be consistent in your learning.

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