How Many Keys are On a Piano Keyboard : Which One You Should Buy?

A professional full-size piano keyboard has a total of 88 keys on it. You might also find other smaller keyboards and pianos which have fewer keys on them. I will share with you different pianos having a different number of keys with their benefits so that you rightly know which one you should buy as a beginner in order to learn to play it.

Full Size 88 Keys Piano Keyboard

88 keys full piano size

This piano has 88 keys and is also known as full-size professional piano. No piano or keyboard has greater than 88 keys. Beginners usually don’t buy this type of piano keyboard because it is quite expensive and not easy to play. Moreover, it also requires maintenance and it might sometimes get difficult for a newbie to bear its maintenance cost. Do also check the keyboard instruments.

This size is perfect for experts who know how to play the piano. You can play a variety of tunes on this and can also make new and new diverse combinations because of the different types of sound keys on it. You might have seen this type of piano in different functions and parties where an expert pianist is hired to play it.

76 Keys Piano Keyboard

Next on the list is 76 keys piano keyboard. This is smaller in size as compared to 88 keys piano and also has a lesser variety of tunes variations. These types of pianos are also known as keyboards. In terms of price, they don’t cost as much as a full-size piano but still, beginners still might not be able to afford this one too because of its price.

For beginners, I will share more options in the article later. The good thing is, these are portable and you can take them with you wherever and whenever you want to, to a party or at any other place.

how to teach yourself piano

Buying this type of piano is a good option for intermediates who know the basics well and can play different piano tunes. As now they want to get to the next level and try new different things to get more mature and polish their skill.

If you want to learn piano with the help of step-by-step lessons that are perfect for beginners, Piano for all reviews can help you.

61 Keys Piano Keyboard

This keyboard is perfect for beginners as in this category you get plenty of options at different prices to choose from. You can pick one that is in your budget and at the same time has good features and options. Two big manufacturers of piano and keyboard are Yamaha and Casio. These two companies also manufacture 61 keys piano.

If you are looking for budget options, there are other companies also in the market which offer pianos and keyboards at a cheaper price so you don’t have to rely on these two companies only.

61 keys size piano good for beginners


Some more good things about these pianos are,

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Compact size
  • Portable – Easy to carry
  • In this category, you get plenty of options to choose from
  • You can attach extra accessories with it
  • Not too much expensive

Other Piano Keyboards With Lesser Number of Keys

Apart from the options mentioned above, you can also get pianos with even a lesser number of keys than 61. They lie between the range of 49 to 24 keys. These types of keyboards are good just for fun.

If you want to learn to become a professional then, I would not recommend you to buy those unless you are a kid and are looking to buy them just for fun. They have plenty of limitations. You can start with 61 keys piano if you are really looking to pursue and follow this hobby and then jump on to the next level.

49 - 24 keys piano keyboards


Piano keys range from 88 to 24. You can buy a full-fledged 88 keys piano if you are not a beginner and know to play it. If you are a beginner or intermediate, you can go for 61 keys keyboard piano. This is not very expensive and also has some good features. If you go below this then, you might not be happy with your selection if you want to learn it effectively and not play it for time pass and fun.

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