How Long Does it Take to Learn Piano?

If you have an interest in learning to play the piano, then you might be thinking that how long it takes to learn the piano and master different piano skills, techniques, and chords? In how much time will you be able to start playing songs and tunes on your own on the piano that you love and listen to every day? Well, you’ll find out answers to these questions in this article. I will also tell you about different things that will actually determine how long will you take to master this skill.

It depends on multiple factors. Let’s see what these factors are and how each factor will play an important part in your piano learning.

how long does it take to learn piano


The first and probably the biggest factor is time. How much time can you take out from your busy schedule to learn to play the piano? Everything needs time and if you cannot spare some time every day to learn the piano, then I’m afraid, it will take you very long to learn this art. Persistence and punctuality is the key to everything. If you can take out 2-3 hours every day for your learning, still you’ll see progress much faster. But every day means every day. By following this schedule you’ll start playing well in 1 to 1 and a half months’ time. I am sure fast learners will master piano chords and scales much quicker.

If you are doing a job and you have a very busy schedule, you come home late from the office every day because of the workload.  Due to this taking out 2-3 hours of time consistently every day for learning piano is not possible for you then I recommend you to utilize your weekends. By this, you can also do longer sessions of learning as you’ll have much more time on the weekends. If you put in 4 to 5 hours sessions on weekends then it will take you at least 3 weeks to start playing some basic tunes on your own. Definitely, with more practice, you’ll be able to play more songs/tunes on your piano.

Similarly, if you are a student, you can take out some time in the evening every day after completing your school or college work.

How Are You Learning to Play the Piano?

This is also an important factor and will determine the pace of your learning. If you are learning on your own by watching tutorials on the internet and especially on YouTube, yes that can help you a little but can also waste a lot of your time finding the right tutorials and a person who himself is an expert in this. What happens is a lot of people post videos on YouTube and you don’t know how professional they are or how well they know the skill. Beginners also post their videos on YouTube and how can they teach you when they themselves don’t know to play the piano properly. So, do you have any filter to filter out that kind of stuff? Big NO!

The other thing is lack of direction because there is no certain plan of action and many times you feel lost as you don’t know what to do next because there is no certain plan or way forward.

I suggest you should learn from a teacher or instructor who will guide you in the right way and with this, your progress will be much faster than learning by watching tutorials online. Moreover, these days you can also find some good piano learning courses online which start from the very basics and teaches you to step by step in a very effective manner. One good course is robin hall piano for all.  You can also check the program review. Users of this course are highly rating the course and they are highly appreciating the efforts of Robin Hall in making such a nice and valuable course.

How Passionate you are In Learning Piano?

You would agree with me that we learn different things and skills at a greater pace if we have a passion for those things. Motivation comes automatically if you have the passion to do anything in your life. It is very important in life to be passionate about things because going with a halfhearted effort will go to waste, you’ll waste time and will end up nowhere.  Likewise, if you have the passion to learn piano then everything comes second for you. For piano, you will take out time every day no matter how tied up you are and you’ll achieve success in days which you had to come in weeks or months. So, with passion comes dedication, and with dedication comes great achievements and rewards.

Your Learning ability – Practice

Everyone’s learning speed is different. Some are fast learners who pick things very easily and quickly but some take more time to learn those same things. So, if you are a fast learner you will learn piano chords very easily and you’ll remember them in your mind. On the other hand, if you pick things slowly and it is difficult for you to remember things then you’ll take more time to learn the instrument. One thing that applies to all is PRACTICE. Practice makes the man perfect…YES!!! With practice, you will achieve your goal and will become a master in playing the piano. You should practice different songs that you want to learn to play on the piano, different tunes or melodies that you love as with practice comes more perfection.

So you need to practice,

  • Piano Scales
  • Piano Chords
  • Different Rhythm and styles of music

Everything comes from practice. If you practice playing the piano every day and you have a set plan to follow then it won’t take you too long to learn this incredible instrument.


I shared with you some of the factors which will determine how long it takes to learn the piano. If you are focused and you do practice every day then it won’t take you more than 1.5 to 2 months to have a sound grip on the piano. In fact, it may take you less time if you are a fast observer and learner. I recommend you to take help from an instructor or get a piano learning program like the one I mentioned above in the article. This will surely give you direction and a plan to master this skill in a short span of time.

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