Easy Songs to Learn and Play on Piano

easy songs to learn and play on piano

Looking to learn piano? You need to start with easy songs which are simple to learn and play at the beginner level. It is very important that you start with some basic tunes and songs as with this your learning will be fast and you will gain confidence with time.

On the other hand, if you are a new starter and you start to play and learn difficult songs at the initial stages, which will be very difficult for you to play them at your current stage chances are, failure to that will make you frustrated and disappointed with yourself.

I will share with you some easy songs which are simple to learn and you can start your learning by playing these songs on your piano. If you are a beginner and looking to learn the piano, robin hall piano can help you in learning piano online.

Happy Birthdayhappy birthday easy song to learn on piano

Happy birthday, tune is very easy to play on the piano. By following the combinations of chords and after doing little practice, you can master this song in a couple of day’s time. Another good thing about learning the Happy Birthday song is that you can also play it at someone’s birthday party and people will love it.

You can also show your piano skills to them. So this will be the first step and after learning to play this you will feel accomplished and motivated in learning other new songs.

Faded By Alan Walker

Faded by Alan Walker is one of the most popular songs these days. It is also an easy song to play on your keyboard. You just need to search its scales and chords and then try to follow and play it on your piano. You can learn this song in small combinations of chords rather than trying to learn the whole song at once.

You’ll definitely love to play this song on the keyboard because of its liking and popularity. Seeing tutorials of this song on the internet will also help you and will speed up your learning.

Titanic Movie Song By James Hornertitanic easy song to learn and play on piano

Next on the list is Titanic’s theme song. We all have watched this movie and love its theme song too. Now it’s time to learn to play it on the piano. It also has very easy and basic chords and scales. Within a few hours, you can learn its initial low scales part and then you can move on to the next part.

This song can also be learned on guitar very easily. You can easily find its chords and scales on the internet. One thing which will help you is, you can print it on paper and place them on your piano for your convenience so that you watch and play it easily.

Luis Fonsi’s, “Despacito”

Despacito has almost 6 billion views on YouTube. It has very simple music which you can easily learn on piano. By learning this song you will feel good about yourself because of the song’s popularity and following. This song’s chords get difficult in the middle but the initial part is very easy to learn and play on the piano.

The good thing about these types of songs is that, because of their popularity on the internet, you can easily find learning material like combinations of chords and scales easily which can be of great help for you. You just have to Google.  On the other hand, if you learn a song that is not very popular, you might not also get the chords and scales online and you have to solely learn it by yourself.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Startwinkle twinkle little star easy songs to learn and play on piano

We all have been singing this song since our childhood in schools. This is because it is very simple, easy to remember, and easy to play. Happy birthday and Twinkle Twinkle are the easiest songs to learn and play on this list.

I suggest you should start with these two songs. After a very short span of time, you will have a grip on these two songs and then you can move forward and learn the rest of the songs mentioned here in this list.

Charlie Puth’s, “We Don’t Talk Anymore”

This is another song that is easy to learn as a beginner. It has some very basic chord patterns and you will definitely like the rhythm of this song. It also has a very nice and gentle melody and when played on the piano, it sounds great.

I also like its sound tune very much, especially when played on the piano. You can also easily find plenty of video tutorials of this song online. Choose one which you think is easy for you and also guides at the right pace so that you can easily remember the scales and chords.

Fur Elise Beethoven

You have probably heard this music but it might be possible that you don’t know the name. This is not a song but it is just music that is played on the piano. Easy to learn and understand chords pattern combinations. Just with little practice, you can master this music too.

The good thing is because it is also played on the piano, you will easily pick it and will know the chords played in it easily. As Beethoven is a series of piano music, you can also learn and try its other music also.


You should start to learn piano with easy songs and music as shared with you above. You will only get better at the piano if you practice regularly. It would be better for you if you move ahead step by step and with proper planning. Do not jump on difficult songs initially as it will be difficult for you to learn and play those songs at the beginner level. If you are a fast learner, you will very soon start playing difficult songs so it also depends on your learning ability.

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