Common Piano Learning Mistakes

common piano learning mistakes

It is easy to fall into common piano learning mistakes when it comes to learning piano. Aspiring pianists must walk a fine line. If they don’t follow the right learning methodology and ignore the advice of their instructors, gradually they can lose interest in their hobby or passion due to frustration or any other reason. While there are countless reasons why learning the instrument can be a struggle at times for some people, most of them stem from a handful of common mistakes. These mistakes are likely easy enough to fix if you know what they are, and in this article, we’ll go over them one by one. Are you also doing these mistakes while learning piano?

Failing to Practice the Basics 

If you only ever learn to play advanced pieces and never master the basics, you are always going to be a very limited pianist. While building up your repertoire of pieces is important, you should always make sure that you’ve mastered the basics first and have a strong foundation. The basics are the foundations of everything you’ll learn. If you want step-by-step online piano lessons that are beginner friendly and start from basics review of pianoforall is one of the best piano online piano courses.

You Don’t Have a Learning Strategy

You need to develop a learning strategy that is designed for pianists. You can’t just dive into learning piano without any kind of plan and expect to make progress quickly. To get the most out of your piano learning journey, you need to start by determining your piano playing goals, and what skill level you want to reach by a certain date. You also need to make sure that you are using the best learning strategies to help you reach those goals.

You Only Practice What You Already Know

Knowing when and how to move on from the pieces you already know is an important part of growing as a pianist. You don’t want to get stuck playing the same pieces over and over again, but you also don’t want to rush your progress before you’re ready. If you don’t know a song well enough to be able to play it with ease, then you are not ready to move on. These mistakes are often a result of wanting to move too quickly.

Playing Too Fast

Yes playing fast looks cool but only if you are playing it properly and as a beginner, this is not what you should be doing. Your focus should always be on learning piano properly so that you play it well without any mistakes and that it sounds good. With time, you will be able to play it fast but don’t rush and do this common mistake as a new piano learner.

Always Looking at The Keys

As a beginner, you can do this but gradually you need to stop looking at the piano keys. This also depends on your skill level. Experts usually don’t do this while playing the piano. The more you know, the better you will play and you will avoid looking at the keys all the time.

Having No Patience

Learning piano can take time. It is also the fact that some people learn things fast while others take time to have a strong grip on those things. During the journey, you might stick at some point and can get frustrated and ultimately give up. That is time to stay focused, show patience, and stay committed.

You Aren’t Practicing Properly

There is such a thing as practicing too much, and many beginner pianists make the mistake of practicing too much, and not practicing properly. This can lead to excessive strain and fatigue and will make it much harder to progress with your practice. If you practice piano too much, you can exacerbate mental and physical fatigue. You can also risk forming bad playing habits, which are much harder to get rid of than regular practice habits.

That’s a Wrap

If you’re serious about learning to play the piano, you need to actually sit down and practice. No amount of wishing or hoping will make it so. The only way to become a better pianist is simply to play the piano more often, and not just noodling around either. If you are doing the mistakes mentioned above then you should avoid doing these mistakes as these mistakes will only make your piano learning journey tough.

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