Top 5 Best Piano Keyboard for Beginners

best piano for beginners,

There are a number of pianos and keyboards that you can buy for your learning. You might be thinking about which piano keyboard is the best for beginners in terms of price, functionality, and value. I will share with you a list of the top 5 beginners piano which you can buy and start practicing on them.

1. Yamaha YPT 255

Yamaha is known as the pioneer in manufacturing great quality musical instruments and this is the reason why Yamaha YPT 255 piano keyboard is on the top of the top 5 best beginners keyboard piano list. This piano is best for musicians who are just starting. Moreover, its keys can also be split into two halves i.e. for teacher and student, both can play it at the same time for better practice and learning.

Here are some of its features and specs that you’ll get with it.

  • 61 keys piano
  • Built-in up to 385 high-quality voices which include, piano tunes, drum, guitar, etc
  • Comes with an LCD display
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Compact design
  • Nine beginners lessons – ideal for beginners
  • Built-in Aux and headphones jack
  • Sharp sound – two audio speakers
  • Price range $90 – $125

2. Casio CTK2400 PPK

Casio is also known for manufacturing good quality electronic gadgets and pianos are one of them. Yamaha and Casio both are very popular brands in the music industry and that is the reason why they are ranked very high. Casio CTK2400 PPK is another beginner piano and also has the same number of keys i.e. 61 as Yamaha YPT 255.

Some other features and specs that you get with the piano:

  • You also get Samson Hp30 Headphones with this piano
  • The keyboard has up to 400 built-in different styles of voices
  •  Comes with an LCD display
  • 48 notes of polyphony
  • 2 Speakers
  • Built-in Aux and headphones jack
  • With Piano Stand
  • Price range $120 – $135
  • You can check more details here

3.Yamaha PSR EW300

Yamaha PSR EW300 is bigger than Casio CTK2400 PPK and Yamaha YPT 255 and has a greater number of keys than these two. It is a 76 keys piano and is also considered a good beginner’s piano like the previous two. Its price is also higher because of its specs and features.

Let’s see Yamaha PSR EW300’s Specs and Features:

  • 76 keys
  • Touch responsive keys
  • LCD Display
  • 2* Stereo sound speakers
  • 574 different style voices
  • 165 preset styles with 154 preset songs
  • Portable – USB connectivity
  • Split mode for multipurpose playing
  • Built-in Aux and audio jacks
  • Price range $240 – $270
  • For more details visit here

4.Casio LK-175 PPK

Casio LK-175 is fourth on the best beginner’s piano keyboard list. It is also a traditional 61 keys beginner piano and is also very popular. The compact design and built quality of the piano are also very good. Comes with built-in two loud-speakers and you can also connect external speakers with it.

Following are some of the specs and features of Casio LK-175 PPK:

  • 400 different style of tones
  • 110 preset songs
  • 48 polyphony tunes
  • LCD display
  • 2* Speakers
  • USB Connectivity
  • Portable
  • External mic and speakers connectivity
  • Price range $120 – $140

5.Hamzer 61 Key Piano

Last on the list is Hamzer 61 key piano which is also ideal for starters and beginners who want to learn the skill. Hamzer is also a good company but not as popular as Yamaha and Casio in piano manufacturing. It is also a 61 keys keyboard having a very beautiful and attractive design. In terms of price, it is the cheapest on the list so if you have a low budget, you can definitely go for this piano.

Here are some of its specs and features:

  • 255 different styles of voices
  • Powerful speakers
  • Headphones jack
  • LCD display
  • Recording option available
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Price range $80 – $120


Choosing a good beginner’s piano is the first thing in learning to play it. You need a piano which satisfies your need but also is not very expensive because you just started this. I shared with you the top 5 beginners piano list which I think are perfect for beginners. Each one has different specs and features from the other.

Depending on your budget, you can decide which one is better for you. After buying the piano if you are looking for a good beginner’s piano course, you should check out this piano program review.

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